Thomas & Mack Center, UNLV


This 18″ diameter pulley configuration is one of four we recently made for the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV.

3G Productions, Inc will be installing four d&b audiotechnik line arrays consisting of 12 midhi frequency boxes – 6 V8’s and 6 V12’s; plus four V-SUB Subwoofers.Thomas and Mack

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Mankato Event Center

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Here’s an amazing line array trolley system being installed by Video Services, Inc. at the newly renovated Mankato Event Center in Mankato, MN. Designed by Peterson AV Consulting, Inc., this project consisted of two systems, a FOH distributed system with 10 Fulcrum Acoustic AH65’s; and two Martin Audio line array clusters consisting of 8 W8LC modules with two custom flying amp racks.

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The amp racks are standard rolling amp racks, which are each secured into a flying cage. Each rack and cluster can be independently raised or lowered on its own hoist. Each amp rack and line array cluster travels front to back in the room on trolley beams. For stage extension productions, the clusters roll forward. To hide the clusters, they can be rolled on the trolley beams into tall closets on the back wall. Polar Focus supplied the trolley rigging system, hoists, Motor Zbeams, flying rack cages, aiming bars for the main line arrays, all the rigging for the distributed FOH system, and finally PE stamped drawings for the entire design, stamped by a Minnesota Structural Engineer.


The renovated Event Center opens September 1st – we hope they enjoy their new sound system! We’re looking forward to more photos of this project as it is completed, so we’ll share them as they come in. Great job Dave Peterson and VSI!

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Need help rigging, mounting or aiming your loudspeakers or line arrays?
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We also offer PE Stamped Drawings for our product scope for all 50 states.

Bracket for Danley JH-90


Here’s a bracket with full tilt control for the amazing 720 pound Danley Sound Labs, Inc. JH90 speaker. The Danley JH-90 “Jericho Horn” has six 18″ drivers, six 6″ midrange drivers and three coaxial high frequency drivers with 1.4″ exits coupled to Danley’s patented layered high frequency combiner. This is going to be installed by McClelland Sound at the Dodge City Memorial Stadium in Dodge City, Kansas. When mounted to the top of a W10x49 column, the speaker will have full pan and tilt control and can be locked into position.

The complete bracket system will be disassembled, hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection, reassembled with stainless steel hardware, and shipped to the customer.

We hope they enjoy their totally awesome new sound system over in Dodge City!

Need help rigging, mounting or aiming your loudspeakers or line arrays?
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Secret Products


This week we added one of our “Secret Products” to our catalog.  Polar Focus has many products that we produce in low volume.  We call them secret because they haven’t yet been added to our catalog.

For this project, Polar Focus supplied two PM2-10-Z Pole Mounts and our weatherized bracket for the JBL CBT 70J-1 and 70JE-1 Line Array Column.  This was installed in April by Dustin Treml with Daktronics at the US Lacrosse Headquarters and Training Center in Sparks, Maryland.


This system offers infinitely adjustable pan and tilt control and has been galvanized for weather resistance.  Polar Focus PM2-10-Z is zinc plated for corrosion resistance. Custom powder coat colors may be specified as required for particular installations.

Stay tuned for more Secret Products!  If you don’t see what you need on our catalog, call us at (413) 586-4444 – we can design a custom product for your application.


New Danley installation in Wisconsin

Polar Focus rigging for Danley Sound loudspeaker clusters

Scott Tomashek from Camera Corner Connecting Point and his crew did a great job installing this sound and video system in an insurance company presentation space in Wisconsin.


This system includes five curved video screens that raise and lower on a winching system, and 11 Danley Sound Labs, Inc. speakers. There were five pairs of SH69 Danleys, each with independent pan and tilt. The lower speaker within each grouping also had separate tilt adjustment, for precision coverage control.


At the center is a 500 pound BC415 subwoofer for terrific low frequency coverage. Polar Focus provided roof attachment, pan and tilt adjustment for each pair of speakers, custom grouping plates to create clusters as pairs, and custom rigging to plant the subwoofer exactly in the middle. The end result was beautiful and sounded great too.

Excellent work Scott and the guys at Camera Corner!

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Polar Focus @Infocomm 2016

Polar Focus at Infocomm 2016

If you’re at Infocomm 2016, be sure to check out Polar Focus Ultimate Line Array Rigging – booth C11339 in the Audio Pavilion, across from Danley Sound Labs.

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If you’re in Las Vegas this week, stop by to see us!  Check out the Stingray frame for Bose RoomMatch at the Bose booth, located at C9530.  The Kestrel frame for Fulcrum Acoustic FL283 family can be seen at the Fulcrum Acoustic booth, at C11936.

Polar Focus & Bose RoomMatch

Bose logo

If you’re at Infocomm 2016 this week, be sure to stop by the Bose booth, located at C9530, to see the Polar Focus Stingray frame and accessories for Bose RoomMatch. We’re always working with loudspeaker manufacturers to develop innovative and safe rigging solutions.

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Recently an installer left the following comment about Polar Focus and Bose RoomMatch on our Facebook page:

“Polar Focus and Bose RoomMatch makes for a great combination! You guys were great to work with on my College of Southern Idaho installation. I can’t say enough.”

If you’re in Las Vegas this week, stop by to see Polar Focus Ultimate Line Array Rigging at booth C11339.

Polar Focus & Fulcrum Acoustic @Infocomm 2016

Fulcrum Acoustic Logo

Dave Gunness at Infocomm 2016, previewing the new Polar Focus Kestrel frame designed for Fulcrum Acoustic FL283 family. Everyone is very excited about this new product combination! See it for yourself at Fulcrum Acoustic booth C11936, and don’t forget to stop by to see us at booth C11339!
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