EAW Anya sound for Boston University

Polar Focus® recently supplied custom rigging components to Boston Light & Sound for these gorgeous new EAW Anya line arrays at Boston University Tsai Center.  The EAW Anya speakers have the special characteristic that their vertical aiming angle is fully electronically controlled.  The speakers always remain at 0 degrees tilt.  For that reason, Polar Focus did not provide any tilt feature on this system.


These EAW Anya clusters are each supported by a Polar Focus Motor Zbeam.   Polar Focus created a new fitting for the Anya, as an adapter between the Anya frame and the Motor Zbeam.   A Motor Zbeam allows for a single electric chain hoist to support a speaker load with control over pan and tilt. This system has a 2:1 mechanical advantage using a 10 inch diameter chain pulley. Thus a one half ton chain hoist can be used for one ton of loudspeaker load. The pan angle of the speaker load is controlled by a Zbeam axle for easy aiming.


This system was skillfully installed by Zeke Zola and Mark Rowinski at Boston Light & Sound.  It truly looks splendid, great work guys!


The Anyas are each supported by a Stagemaker SR-5 chain hoist.  It was a tight space working in the ceiling of the Tsai Center.


Photos courtesy of Eastern Acoustic Works.

Polar Focus rigging for EAW Anya at Boston University Tsai Center

Professional audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus.

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