EAW QX Rigging Configurations

Here’s a document we created to illustrate the variety of single speaker rigging configurations possible using Polar Focus hardware.  We used EAW QX Series for this document, but these layouts can work for most single hang professional loudspeakers.

This document illustrates Polar Focus rigging with common roof attachment methods.
It is not intended to be all inclusive. We have many more standard roof attachment and cluster configurations.

If your specific speaker configuration or roof attachment requirement is not shown, please call us so we can create a rigging package for your unique application. These drawings are for conversation only. Any rigging project must be confirmed for safety
and correct technical fulfillment of an audio design.

EAW config

Polar Focus reduces labor cost and variability by providing rigging systems which
are pre-assembled to the maximum extent possible.  Our standard 10:1 design
factor provides the high level of safety and peace of mind required by our customers.

Need help rigging, mounting or aiming your loudspeakers or line arrays?
We can help!  Call us at (413) 586-4444


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