Polar Focus Line Array Rigging

Using a Polar Focus Motor Zbeam such as the PY1-MZB-SR5, your line array has infinitely adjustable pan and tilt control under full load while being serviceable from a single hoist.

Compared to the conventional two hoist method, this saves a lot of time and money; and results in more accurate cluster aiming. This configuration is roughly twice the performance at half the price of the common two hoist method. Shown here is the Polar Focus Stingray aftermarket frame for Bose Professional Roommatch loudspeakers. Polar Focus manufactures a wide selection of line array rigging hardware, which is featured on our new website: LineArrayFrames.com. Of course, Polar Focus offers licensed structural engineer PE stamped drawings for our product scope for all 50 states.

Like the image shown, many Polar Focus line array configurations have no shackles and no wire rope. Some configurations have no exposed speaker signal cable, because it is hidden in raceways that are part of the rigging equipment.


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