New Danley installation in Wisconsin

Scott Tomashek from Camera Corner Connecting Point and his crew did a great job installing this sound and video system in an insurance company presentation space in Wisconsin.


This system includes five curved video screens that raise and lower on a winching system, and 11 Danley Sound Labs, Inc. speakers. There were five pairs of SH69 Danleys, each with independent pan and tilt. The lower speaker within each grouping also had separate tilt adjustment, for precision coverage control.


At the center is a 500 pound BC415 subwoofer for terrific low frequency coverage. Polar Focus provided roof attachment, pan and tilt adjustment for each pair of speakers, custom grouping plates to create clusters as pairs, and custom rigging to plant the subwoofer exactly in the middle. The end result was beautiful and sounded great too.

Excellent work Scott and the guys at Camera Corner!

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