Bracket for Danley JH-90

Here’s a bracket with full tilt control for the amazing 720 pound Danley Sound Labs, Inc. JH90 speaker. The Danley JH-90 “Jericho Horn” has six 18″ drivers, six 6″ midrange drivers and three coaxial high frequency drivers with 1.4″ exits coupled to Danley’s patented layered high frequency combiner. This is going to be installed by McClelland Sound at the Dodge City Memorial Stadium in Dodge City, Kansas. When mounted to the top of a W10x49 column, the speaker will have full pan and tilt control and can be locked into position.

The complete bracket system will be disassembled, hot dip galvanized for corrosion protection, reassembled with stainless steel hardware, and shipped to the customer.

We hope they enjoy their totally awesome new sound system over in Dodge City!

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