Mankato Event Center

Here’s an amazing line array trolley system being installed by Video Services, Inc. at the newly renovated Mankato Event Center in Mankato, MN. Designed by Peterson AV Consulting, Inc., this project consisted of two systems, a FOH distributed system with 10 Fulcrum Acoustic AH65’s; and two Martin Audio line array clusters consisting of 8 W8LC modules with two custom flying amp racks.

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The amp racks are standard rolling amp racks, which are each secured into a flying cage. Each rack and cluster can be independently raised or lowered on its own hoist. Each amp rack and line array cluster travels front to back in the room on trolley beams. For stage extension productions, the clusters roll forward. To hide the clusters, they can be rolled on the trolley beams into tall closets on the back wall. Polar Focus supplied the trolley rigging system, hoists, Motor Zbeams, flying rack cages, aiming bars for the main line arrays, all the rigging for the distributed FOH system, and finally PE stamped drawings for the entire design, stamped by a Minnesota Structural Engineer.

The renovated Event Center opens September 1st – we hope they enjoy their new sound system! We’re looking forward to more photos of this project as it is completed, so we’ll share them as they come in.

Excellent work, Dave Peterson and the crew at Video Services, Inc.!

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