Line array rigging for Sinnissippi Music Shell

Mik Moore of Clearwing Productions contacted us for this challenging line array installation rigging used at the Sinnissippi Music Shell in Rockford, IL.


The speakers were 3 L-Acoustics SB15m subwoofers, along with 10 KIVA II mid-hi boxes as a center cluster. The cluster needed to be weather rated as it is left installed from late spring through early autumn. The square frame at the top allows for an installation hoist to lift the cluster into position; after set up the hoist can be removed.

At the end of the performance season, the procedure is reversed. Braces from the bottom of the cluster to left and right wood beams lock off the cluster and keep it from swinging in the wind.

Sinnissippi Drawing
This is a beautiful facility with a great sounding system. Great job by Mik and his team!