Community Pro IV6 line array, Polar Focus rigging

Community Loudspeakers is here at WFX to introduce the new IV6 line array product family. Polar Focus is at WFX to support Community’s efforts to introduce this product to the marketplace. This new product family from Community utilizes a Polar Focus line array frame with infinite tilt adjustability and full compatibility with all of the Polar Focus line array accessories and structure attachment products.


The team at Community did an excellent job creating a line array that both sounds and looks great. With 13 sound systems in the line array show at WFX, Community’s product line was by far the best-looking, and cleanest line array product there. As many pro users know, a lot of line arrays can have a strongly mechanical or visually cluttered look with pronounced logos and a lot of visible hardware.


Each IV6 module has 54 combinations of switchable settings for either box attenuation or horn attenuation. This means that an entire line array can be run passively from a single amplifier. Community has engaged the creators of the Ease Focus program to create a new version just for predicting the correct settings on their modules.


When you combine the high quality of this system, Community’s always competitive pricing and their worldwide distribution network, we think this is going to be a big hit in the marketplace. Go Team Community!