Community Pro IV6 line array, Polar Focus rigging

Community Loudspeakers is here at WFX to introduce the new IV6 line array product family. Polar Focus is at WFX to support Community’s efforts to introduce this product to the marketplace. This new product family from Community utilizes a Polar Focus line array frame with infinite tilt adjustability and full compatibility with all of the Polar Focus line array accessories and structure attachment products.


The team at Community did an excellent job creating a line array that both sounds and looks great. With 13 sound systems in the line array show at WFX, Community’s product line was by far the best-looking, and cleanest line array product there. As many pro users know, a lot of line arrays can have a strongly mechanical or visually cluttered look with pronounced logos and a lot of visible hardware.


Each IV6 module has 54 combinations of switchable settings for either box attenuation or horn attenuation. This means that an entire line array can be run passively from a single amplifier. Community has engaged the creators of the Ease Focus program to create a new version just for predicting the correct settings on their modules.


When you combine the high quality of this system, Community’s always competitive pricing and their worldwide distribution network, we think this is going to be a big hit in the marketplace. Go Team Community!



Alerus Center Rigging

Polar Focus provided all of the rigging hardware and PE stamped drawings for these 57 Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers at Alerus Center in North Dakota. Another great design by Dave Peterson at Peterson AV Consulting, Inc. Go Fighting Hawks!

Polar Focus rigging for Alerus Center

Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support
and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus.

Call us today for more information – (413) 586-4444.

Line array rigging for Sinnissippi Music Shell

Mik Moore of Clearwing Productions contacted us for this challenging line array installation rigging used at the Sinnissippi Music Shell in Rockford, IL.


The speakers were 3 L-Acoustics SB15m subwoofers, along with 10 KIVA II mid-hi boxes as a center cluster. The cluster needed to be weather rated as it is left installed from late spring through early autumn. The square frame at the top allows for an installation hoist to lift the cluster into position; after set up the hoist can be removed.

At the end of the performance season, the procedure is reversed. Braces from the bottom of the cluster to left and right wood beams lock off the cluster and keep it from swinging in the wind.

Sinnissippi Drawing
This is a beautiful facility with a great sounding system. Great job by Mik and his team!

Infocomm 2017

Polar Focus is kicking off summer with our annual field trip to Infocomm!

20160608_090422 for web

We have a lot of exciting projects to tell you about, and we look forward to hearing about yours!  This year we have been working with Community Professional Loudspeakers to expand their I Series in a whole new direction.  Stop by Community’s Demo Room #W2243 to see a preview of our newest OEM design collaboration.

Polar Focus will be located in booth #6350 this year and we’re looking forward to showing off our new Raven frame for Renkus-Heinz Varia loudspeaker family.

Here’s a map showing our booth location:


Check out our Kestrel frame for Fulcrum Acoustic FL283 in Fulcrum booth #5881.
We look forward to seeing you there!


Raven Line Array Frame for Renkus-Heinz Varia

Polar Focus would like to announce an addition to our OEM line array rigging solutions.  Designed for increased functionality and lower installation cost, our Raven frame for the popular Renkus-Heinz Varia family of loudspeakers allows infinitely adjustable pan and tilt under full load.

The ORH-VARIA-Raven fastens to the loudspeakers using the integrated side plate rigging hardware included with the Varia speaker. The Raven frame’s mounting hardware allows for super easy and lightning fast mating to the loudspeaker.  A wide range of quick pin accessories makes system design startlingly simple.

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We’re taking this rig on the road – check out the Raven frame at Polar Focus booth #6350 at Infocomm 2017 in Orlando.

JBL VRX932 Rigging

Chris Miller from CTM Sound in Sacramento, CA contacted us for assistance rigging these JBL Professional VRX932 clusters at a local ice rink. Polar Focus provided custom made wood beam brackets along with our Blackbird aftermarket frame for the JBL VRX932 family. Using this kit, Chris had full control of pan and tilt under load.

Ice Rink

Here’s his feedback for the project: “What an easy way to rig some speakers! Thanks again for all the help.” And it looks fabulous too!

Pro audio rigging design, roof attachment, supplemental structure, sales, support
and PE stamped drawings in any US State provided by Polar Focus.

Call us today for more information at (413) 586-4444.

Polar Focus rigging at Penn State

This gymnasium at Penn State Altoona recently had a new sound system installed
by Steve Obenreder of RPC Video in Verona, PA.

PSU Altoona Adler Gym EDIT

For the Adler Athletic Complex, Polar Focus supplied roof attachment, along with
pan and tilt capability for each of the 16 Electro-Voice EVH1152D loudspeakers.

Polar Focus also provided PE stamped drawings for the state of PA.
This was a neat and clean job by the team at RPC Video. Go Nittany Lions!